Non-Vendor Specific Training

This non-vendor specific on-site training will focus on simple, proven methods to increase equipment reliability by providing a better understanding of mechanical seals, mechanical packing, lubrication, corrosion, pump performance and pump reliability.

The training is very flexible and can accommodate a few to many participants. Courses can be short, such as lunch and learn type classes or longer. The training is fast-paced, practical and based on real-world experience. The trainer relies on anecdotal information, asking questions, relating experience and does not use bullet points in boring PowerPoint presentations. Students are encouraged to bring real-world problems for discussion.

Learning Objectives

Mechanical Seals

  • Define the purpose of mechanical seals and how they work.
  • Identify and describe the various mechanical seal parts and their respective functions.
  • Learn about the different mechanical seal configurations and the advantages of each.
  • Understand the various environmental controls available to enhance mechanical seal life.
  • Identify common mechanical seal failure issues and provide solutions.
  • Understand what goes on inside the stuffing box.
  • Installation: Hands on measuring, fitting and installation.
  • “Do you know what is happening inside your stuffing boxes?” An enlightening presentation about stuffing box issues and particulate intrusion into packing and seals.

Pump Packing

  • Define packing construction materials and methods.
  • Define compression packing and the basic terminology.
  • Mechanical packing installation and troubleshooting.
  • Installation: Hands on measuring, cutting and installation.

Pump Performance & Reliability

  • Maintenance regimes – What are the different approaches to maintenance and reliability?
  • Pump Curves – How to read a pump curve and use a pump curve and gauges to plot pump performance. This is a hands on exercise.
  • Bearing protection. 10 Microns of Oil: How to provide an environment to allow bearings to last to their intended design life.
  • Pump case repair and reliability improvements.
  • Repair Issues – What are the keys to improving pump performance and reliability through the repair process? Examination of best practices and repair documentation.


  • What is corrosion? What is abrasion? What is erosion?
  • Types of corrosion: Galvanic, uniform, intergranular, etc.
  • Types of corrosion protection: Barrier, Inhibitive and Sacrificial.
  • Coatings: New technology to restore old equipment to new performance. What you should know about coatings.

Lubrication & Bearing Reliability

  • Understanding fluid film lubrication and how it works.
  • Lubrication Regimes: Elastohydrodynamic, Hydrodynamic, Fluid Film, etc.
  • Why bearings fail.
  • Bearing fits, classes of fits and why they are important.
  • Oil: What is it? What is the difference between mineral and synthetic?
  • The importance of viscosity.


Paul Brimhall has 25 years of industry experience—including pump repair, heat exchanger design and repair, rotating equipment repair and mechanical seal installation and troubleshooting. Paul has earned the CFSP (Certified Fluid Sealing Professional) designation from the Fluid Sealing Association, an international trade association founded in 1933 consisting of all the major mechanical seal manufacturers.

Who Should Attend

Plant personnel directly involved in rotating equipment selection, operation and maintenances such as Reliability of Maintenance Engineers, Maintenance Managers and Supervisors, Staff and Maintenance Personnel and anyone tasked with improving plant reliability, production and uptime.

Partial Client List

·       Xcel Energy

·       Evraz/Rocky Mountain Steel

·       Tri-State Generation and Transmission

·       City of Colorado Springs Utilities

·       Central Valley Wastewater Reclamation

·       Grand Island Utilities

·       Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water

·       St. George Water Reclamation Facility

·       Rio Tinto Kennecott Utah Copper

·       PacifiCorp Energy

·       US Air Force Academy Heat Plant

·       Arizona Public Service

·       Colorado Energy Management

·       Omaha Public Power District

·       Los Alamos Public Utilities

·       Chevron Molycorp

·       Deseret Generation Cooperative

·       Clean Harbors

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